A high school band of this size relies on a significant number of volunteers.  Parent participation through volunteering provides critical support to the band directors.  The Titan Band Boosters handle many tasks allowing the directors to focus their attention on the students and instruction.  Volunteer support is a big part of the band’s success.  Below are some fun and easy ways to get involved with the Centennial Titan Band.


Chaperones – Chaperones will be with the band the duration of a game or competition.  You will need to arrive approximately 30min before the bus leaves.  Chaperones assist the students and directors with any tasks they need.  Chaperones will do a lot of walking and will need to ride the bus to and from events.

Concessions – Our band makes money when we work in the concession stand so it is a great way to help the band!   CHS band has many games where we will need to staff the concession.  You will need to arrive early to get the stand set up and ready to sell items.  Depending on which stadium it could be an hour and a half to 30 minutes early.  You will be serving food and drinks, handling money, restocking inventory, cleaning the stand after the game and other food related activities.  There will be very little food preparation at most venues.  We will need around 20 concession stand workers depending on the venue.  If you will be volunteering to work the concession stand at the football games, you will need to apply for a Texas Food Handler Certificate. This certificate is good for 2 years.

Pit Crew – These are the movers and shakers!  They will load the trailer with all the front ensemble and percussion equipment as well as large instruments.  They will be the keepers of this trailer and it will become one of their best friends.  At games the pit crew unloads the trailer, helps get equipment to the field, takes equipment onto the field and takes it off after the performance and back to the trailer.

Meals – The group all the kids LOVE!  You will need to arrive around 1.5hrs before the bus leaves to setup and serve a meal to the students on game days and competition days.  Most meals will be easy to serve and eat.  Once the kids are done you will help pack and clean up so that we can leave the area as we found it.

Uniforms – Uniform volunteers will assist in fitting students for uniforms, altering uniforms as needed (usually no sewing required), pressing uniforms if needed, making sure everyone has all their uniform parts.